Our Daughter’s Wedding

In the last week of August we celebrated our daughter’s wedding. We organized two momentous events, one a pre-wedding reception (also including Mehndi) and the second, the actual wedding (Aug. 23 & Aug. 25, 2019). Both functions were held at the Markham Convention Centre and turned out to be truly remarkable, with everything at the centre, on both the days, going by absolutely smoothly. These literally turned out to be dream events with many of the guests coming up to my wife and me and congratulating us and telling us that it was a fairy-tale wedding. Right from the planning stage, to the decor, to the napkins, the cutlery, the food, stage, lighting, service and parking, everything was arranged and managed so brilliantly and professionally that we don’t have words to describe. The major part of the credit for all of this goes to Danesh (Danny) Irani , Catering / Sales & Operations Director. He and his fabulous team not only put things together perfectly but were physically present both evenings, making sure the shows were running as smoothly as possible and all requirements were being met. A special word of praise and thanks for Garry (Gursharn), Ashitosh, Farida and Nicole for taking special interest and complying with all the requests. I absolutely have no hesitation in recommending and suggesting the Markham Convention Centre to all and sundry for whatever celebration/event you are planning to hold. You will not regret it. One last word about food … absolutely sumptuous! Danny even went as far as catering a dish for us from outside which was not on their menu. Kudos to Danny and his team…. keep up the great work!

– Mahmood Mustafa